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Online you can see both prices with or without VAT. Have in mind that if you are a customer outside EU or a company customer in EU with a valid VAT-number the price for the products without VAT is shown in both places as you don’t pay VAT in Sweden.
To buy as a company we recommend you to contact us and create a company profile.
We want to inform that stock quantity, pictures, product information and prices can be incorrect. It can be mistakes made by humans or technical issues. If something doesn’t look correct, please let us know.
The price you see online is your purchase price. No further discounts will be added. If you have special customer prices, do not forget to log in to see the correct prices.

Fright cost is between 99 sek and 300 sek depending on the area you want to ship to and what service you are using. Have in mind that the fright cost may vary in € depending on the exchange rate.

Fright cost for pallet with a big volume of parts, transfer case or transmissions will be calculated unique on every order. Please contact us to get a price!