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Grundare Mikael Thor och nuvarande VD Erik Stålebo


20 years of supplying spare parts for transmissions

In 1991 LBM Autoparts was founded by Mikael Thor in Lerum, Sweden. He was specialized on spare parts for automatic transmissions that he bought from USA. The name LBM is based on the original name Lerums Bil & Motor (Lerum cars and engines). LBM Autoparts was then placed in the docks in Gothenburg before the workshop was moved to Landvetter in 1996-97. In Landvetter Mikael was running the business from the basement in his house and was sending parts all over the country.


A wide range of spare parts from quality brands

Mikael was a man that had great relationships with the big suppliers in the states and visited them yearly. Mainly it was Alto, Precision and Transtar. The sore was growing and spare parts for transmissions as ZF, AW, GM and Jatco was added to the sort.
During this year’s Mikael hade a good relationship with STS (Scandinavian Transmission Service) and its founder Dan Stålebo and when the rumors that Mikael was about to sell the business Dan togheter with his sons Ola and Erik and also the co-owner Kenneth Berg was interested to buy LBM Autoparts.

Transtar Industries har alltid varit och är en idag en av de största leverantörerna

From left, CEO Erik Stålebo, Helena Nordin (Newly hired salesman), Kenneth Berg (then co-owner of STSAB), Founder Mikael Thor


New owners – new markets

LBM Autoparts CEO Erik Stålebo was back then CEO for STMAB in STS Group and they have been held talk that why not try to start or acquire company that sells transmission parts to make the company group more complete.
That was what they did! During the spring 2012 STS Group acquired LBM Autoparts and the business was moved from Landvetter to STSAB headquarter in Stenungsund in September. Erik Stålebo become the CEO for the company and the founder Mikael was working together with the new owner’s part time during the first year together with Helena Nordin that became a seller in LBM after 20+ years at STSAB. The summer after (2013) LBM recruited Tommy Pettersson to the sales team. Erik, Helena and Tommy was then a strong team at LBM for many years.

– I know that the market has enormous potential and also challenges. The technical development in the industry is going to quick and different kind of parts and units are keep coming. STMAB and STSAB is together Sweden’s biggest company group in transmission production for cars and have the knowledge and power to take LBM Autoparts forward and up to new levels, something I never will be able to do in the same way. Therefore I´m very happy about this solution for the company and for my customers. I wish them all luck for the future!

Mikael Thor som är den tidigare ägaren till LBM Autoparts


Manual gearboxes and Europe expansion

The sort of transmission components was starting to grow for every year even more and 2015 the decision to sell spare parts for manual gearboxes was taken. The plan was to cover a bigger part of the market and be a more complete supplier of transmission parts. A catalogue was in the making and a base of parts where already in the shelves.
The summer 2016 was coming and it was time for the next big step, the opening of a sales office in Velten, Germany. Nathalie Hock with many years in the transmission business was recruited and a wide range of part where sent to Germany to be able to supply the German market faster.

The German office in Velten, which opened in 2016

The digital business was constantly evolving and in 2018 an open site was launched for everyone that was presented at Automechanika in Frankfurt


Reservdelar online

LBM Autoparts sales numbers where increasing for every year and a webshop for company customers was launched in August 2017. The same year we started to sell transmission parts at eBay from Germany to the German and European market. Försäljningen ökade stadigt och man bestämde sig för att öka möjligheterna för kunderna genom en
A new headquarter in Stenungsund, Sweden is built up and the business moves in to it in 2018. New warehouse and new office with meeting spaces ang gym.
The webshop is opening for private customer that don’t have a company account at LBM and a e-commerce manager is recruited.


LBM Autoparts acquires GBPartsOnline

LBM Autoparts acquires GBPartsOnline, a British company with a well-known eBay shop for repair kits and spare parts for gearboxes.
STMAB moves in under LBM Autoparts and ÖBM is know also the supplier for remanufactured transmissions that STMAB sold before.
We moved all parts back from Germany and decided to ship everything from Sweden to make the logistics more effective and precise.

Owner makes GBPartsOnline Dave Sparkes shakes hands with CEO Erik Stålebo after completed deal